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Non-Custodial Crypto Card built on Hedera, Bitcoin, Ethereum and more

Citadel Card Wallet

Gradient Background

Tap and Sign on the Go

Pay, Store, Sign, Transfer, Create, Mint, Secure,

Schedule, Stake

Associate, Connect

Trade, Message

Citadel Card Wallet fully supports Hedera network and its services such as HBAR transfers, NFTs, Tokens, Native Staking, Smart Contracts, Scheduled Transactions. Besides Hedera network the card will also support many of the major Layer 1 networks in Web 3. Easily sign transactions with supported software wallets.

Citadel Wallet Specifications

CC EAL 6+ Security

A high security EAL 6+ certified Secure Element.


Support for NFC wireless communication.

User Friendly

Compact Credit Card form factor.


Support for Hedera and 24 other major cryptocurrency networks.

Tap and Sign

Easy to sign transactions on the go.

No Battery

Activated wirelessly and no battery is needed.


Citadel Card Wallet Expected Launch Date: Q3 of 2024

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