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MS11SF1 module is an Wi-Fi 4 & BLE 5.0 Module based on ESP32-C3FN4. It features an RISC-V 32-bit single-core processor with an operating frequency of up to 160MHz. The MS11SF1 supports development using AT commands, sending AT commands through the serial port to configure Wi-Fi and BLE to achieve the pass-through function. Besides, you can develop your own firmware by using the ESP-IDF development framework.

The MS11SF1 comes with 22 GPIO pins and integrate a rich set of peripherals including UART, SPI, I2C, I2S, ADC, TWAI (compatible with ISO 11898-1 protocol), LED PWM controller, USB (compatible with 2.0 full speed standard), JTAG controller, temperature sensor, RMT (infrared remote control), and etc.

ESP32 - Wi-Fi & BLE Combo Module

    • 4M Flash/400 KB RAM
    • SoC TX power: BLE: -27dBm to +18dBm; Wi-Fi: 10 to 20dBm
    • Support for 2.4G Wi-Fi4 (IEEE802.11 b/g/n), backward compatible.
    • Support for AP, STA, AP+STA modes.
    • BLE 5.0, BLE Mesh.
    • Support for AT, ESP-IDF development.
    • Support for AP mapping, Smart Config mapping, BluFi mapping.
    • Support for OTA upgrade.
    • 1.7-5.5 V Supply Voltage Range
    • Temperature of Operation: -40℃ to +85℃
    • Size 16.6x13.2x2.2 mm
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