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The MS24SF1 module is a combo module that uses Semtech’s LoRa wireless transceiver chip SX1262, supporting global ISM frequencies, and Nordic’s low-power BLE chip nRF52840 as the main controller. It is a low-power module that supports both long-range and short-range data transmission, with multiple easy-to-use interfaces for LoRaWAN®. In receive mode, it only consumes 9.3mA of current. The LoRa part achieves a transmission power of up to +22dBm through an internally integrated efficient power amplifier, with higher receiving sensitivity. LoRa sensitivity can reach as low as -146dBm, and BLE sensitivity can reach -96dBm. The module supports BLE transparent data transmission and complies with the physical layer requirements of the LoRaWAN® standard specification. It also supports LoRa® P2P (point-to-point) communication and allows customers to quickly establish private long-range LoRa® networks.


The MS24SF1 module is suitable for various applications that require long-distance data collection and low-power transmission control.

Nordic nRF52840+Semtech SX1262 LoRa BLE Combo Module

    • Long-distance transmission, up to 3KM in urban environments
    • Low power consumption, dual low power chip combination
    • Unique dual IPEX+PCB design, flexible antenna options
    • BLE support PCB and IPEX optional
    • BLE 5.3, support long-distance BLE function
    • Chips: nRF52840+SX1262
    • TX Current: -146dBM
    • RX Current: 122.8mA
    • Transmission Distance: 5km
    • More IO ports supported, including UART, SPI, and I2 etc.
    • Voltage: 1.7-3.6V
    • Operating Temperature: -40~85℃
    • Size: 27x23.5x2.8mm
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