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The MS45SF1 module is a powerful Nordic nRF5340 SoC-based Bluetooth low energy module combining advanced features and minimizing current. It is an all-in-one module, including a superset of the most prominent nRF52® Series features, like Bluetooth LE Audio, Bluetooth Direction Finding, Bluetooth Long Range, and more, which makes it the ideal choice for LE Audio, professional lighting, advanced wearables, and other complex IoT applications.

nRF5340 - Bluetooth 5.3 Low Energy Module

SKU: 0001
    • Bluetooth 5.3 Protocol Supported, Range 300m
    • PCB Antenna
    • 48 GPIOs - 5x UART, 6x SPI, 8x ADC, 4x PWM, 5x I2C
    • Dual-core: High-performance Application Processor 128 MHz Arm Cortex-M33 with FPU and DSP Instructions, Fully-programmable Network Processor 64 MHz Arm Cortex-M33 with 2 KB Instruction Cache
    • 1 MB Flash + 512 KB RAM/256 KB Flash + 64 KB RAM
    • Bluetooth 5.2 LE Audio
    • Bluetooth 5.1 Direction Finding
    • 2 Mbps, Advertising Extensions and Long Range
    • Bluetooth Mesh
    • Trusted Execution with Arm CryptoCell-312, Arm TrustZone®, and Secure Key Storage
    • Thread, Zigbee and 802.15.4
    • NFC
    • USB
    • 1.7-5.5 V Supply Voltage Range
    • Temperature of Operation: -40 to 105 C
    • Size 18x12.5x2 mm
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